Why Organic?

Unlike most supermarket wines, our organic wine hasn't been made with artificial chemicals or a concoction of additives. So it tastes authentic, pure and of the place it was made. What's in a typical bottle of supermarket wine?

How would madam like her wine served – some sugar with a splash of bovine pancreas, dried fish bladders (seriously) or a generous dollop of acetaldehyde or dimethyl dicarbonate? These are just some of the many additives you might expect to find in a standard bottle of supermarket wine. They do jobs like manage the shelf-life of the wine, control the flavours, or even up the levels of alcohol. It’s a bit like those perfect looking carrots you get down a different aisle of the supermarket. They may all look disturbingly perfect in shape, but they’re oddly bland and watery in taste. Organic wine, on the other hand, contains only natural ingredients. The grapes (grown without the use of any chemicals), yeast (indigenous natural yeasts found in the vineyard) and a miniscule drop of sulphur (just keep the wine safe for transport). And that’s it.