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Miranius Xarel-Lo, Celler Credo
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Miranius Xarel-Lo, Celler Credo

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This biodynamic and no added sulphite white from the hills outside of Barcelona should be on your radar this summer. This is a complex white made from the grape variety Xarel-Lo that is full of flavour, dry, but with notes of stone fruits.

Miranius’, a clever fox who ventures into our vineyards and is delighted by the sweet aromas of the grapes. Miranius is a young wine that is very vibrant and ages well in the bottle. Xarel Lo (the Cava grape) is a grape that expresses its terroir and the fermentation being itself quite neutral in character. In this wine that comes through beautifully, it is a unique wine, interesting and satisfying and also great value for money.

Xarel·lists: a term coined to describe those who interpret and explore the properties and virtues of the Xarel·lo grape variety. The Mediterranean variety Xarel·lo is the leitmotif of Celler Credo’s wine project and the thematic thread that gives rise to our wines. Aged on the lees, macerated with the grape skin or stems, with no sulphites added – made today using techniques we learned from our grandparents yesterday… In short, a thousand and one ways of interpreting Xarel•lo. In other words, Xarel·lo is our credo. At Celler Credo they see ourselves as defenders of bio (life) and dynamics (movement). We’re guided by values that bring us closer to the land, territories and landscapes of which we form part. Is this, perhaps, the path to reconciling man and nature? Maybe.

They are also committed to making terroir white wines – without chemical fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides – wines that speak plainly, recounting a sensory history that’s free of artifice, authentic. This is a dialogue between man, the variety and the land; a conversation in which there’s much to say and nothing to hide. Xarel•lo wines that chatter; vines that give up their claim to the starring role in a vineyard inhabited by fennel, wild radish, yellow fleabane… by insects and animals that each contribute in their own small way to an ecosystem which, to express its true nature, needs something as easy to say as it is difficult to achieve: balance.