Kevin Latouf, The Wine Butler

I'm obsessed with organic wine and I travel the world to find the best there is to offer.

I first got into organic wine when I was looking to find some balance to my life. As a professional sportsman, I spent my life dedicated to being fit and getting the most out of my body. This meant a lot of sacrifices. I ate carefully (organically and sustainably where possible) and did all I could to keep my mind and body in shape. I wanted to train hard, but still be able to enjoy life and feel good about treating myself occasionally. When competing in Australia, I visited a winery with some friends and had my first taste of organic wine. People say that once you've tried organic, you can't go back, and that's how it was for me. My parents ran a wine bar at the time, so I was lucky enough to have already tasted good quality wines and have an understanding behind them. But there was something different about organic. It tasted cleaner and more flavoursome, and both my body and mind felt better knowing no nasties were added to the bottle. After my sporting career, I went straight into the wine trade and have been involved ever since: travelling, learning and meeting amazing people along the way. I love finding new wines and sharing them with my friends and family. Discovering a wine and seeing the enjoyment on people's faces when they drink it is why I decided to start The Wine Butler. So this is my passion. I hope you will feel my genuine enthusiasm for all the benefits of taste and health that you can get from organic wine. It's been brilliant for me and I hope it might be for you too.